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Recumbent bikes below in shop sales only.



Its not possible to ship a ready to ride Recumbent!

We do Mail Order all other Items off our site, recumbent bikes have box size & set-up restriction.


 Cruising down a Indiana country road in the fall on a EZ Sport CX 24 speed.

 2016 Sun models in Shop specials,  while they last:   Its not possible to have all models in shop most are special order    


SUN EZ-Classic SX 24 speed $799.90

SUN EZ sport CX 24 speed  $999.90

SUN EZ sport AX 27 speed $1299.90        Great for long range cruising  .     My personal favorite

Sun Zephyr $1349.90  

SUN EZ-tri classic SX  SX trike $799.90

Sun EZ-3 USX HD up to 400LB  trike $1299.90

Sun X3 ax $1499.90  trike $1199.90


2016 Tadpoles with new geometry and seat positions

Sun EZ-3 SX Tadpole 24 speed $1199.90

Sun T3 CX Tadpole 27 speed $1249.00



Add $90.90 for professional set-up if needed with one year maintenance agreement  free adjustments.  Special orders add $49.90 singles recumbent  FEDEX , Tandem/3wheels  orders over size  box trucking  shipping fee $99.00. all prices check payment special, we except credit card with a 4%  to cover bank fee's.      


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