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Park  Bicycle Tools

All Park tools have the factory lifetime warranty.


Bicycle Doctor ,, all are trade marks of Bicycle Doctor. 

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Request Our Park tool Complete tool Price list, over 300 tools just for your bike. We will e-mail it right back all at the Minimum advertised price!


Tool kits winter Sale!!!





Professional Home Travel and Event Kit  Tool Kit

A carefully selected set of some of our finest tools,


  Below are the items in the EK-1:
  • AWS-1 4, 5, 6mm Hex Wrench Set
  • AWS-3 2, 2.5, 3mm Hex Wrench Set
  • AWS-10 Folding Hex Set, 1.5 to 6mm
  • BBT-5 Bottom Bracket/ Cassette Lockring Tool for Campagnolo
  • BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-22 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BO-2 Bottle Opener
  • CC-3 Chain Wear Indicator
  • CCW-5 Crank Wrench
  • CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench
  • CN-10 Cable Cutter
  • CWP-7 Crank Puller
  • CT-4.2 Folding Chain Tool
  • FR-5 Cassette Lockring Tool for Shimano® and similar brands
  • GSC-1 GearClean Brush
  • HCW-15 32 and 36mm Laser Cut Headset Wrench
  • HT-8 8mm Hex Wrench
  • HT-10 10mm Hex Wrench
  • HMR-2Double Sided Hammer
  • MLP-1 Master Link Pliers
  • MW-8 8mm combination wrench
  • MW-9 9mm combination wrench
  • MW-10 10mm combination wrench
  • PAW-12 Adjustable Wrench
  • PW-4 Pedal Wrench
  • RR-12 Tape Measure
  • SCW-SET Shop Cone Wrench Set
  • SD-0 #0 Phillips Screwdriver
  • SD-2 #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • SD-3 3mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • SD-6 6mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • SR-1 Sprocket Removal Tool
  • SW-0 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-1 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-2 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • TL-4 Tire Levers
  • TWS-2 Fold Up Star Driver, 12 point, T7 to T40
  • UK-1 Utility Knife


---------------------------------------- $24.99. (The tool I carry in all my bikes tool bags, I call it the James Bond tool, some call it the swiss army bike tool)!  What ever you call it. it will do it all on the Road / trail / travel bike._________________________________________________

Your Very First Tool for the Pro or  home Mechanic Must be a Repair Stand.

Good tools Good work!


 PRS-25  Park Team Stand $299.90  , I have a couple display models for  little less, never used  $259.90.

Team Issue Repair Stand
Designed from the ground up….literally…to create what we believe is the finest folding stand available. Lightweight, stable and packed with features:
  • 100-25D Professional Micro Adjust Clamp quickly clamps and releases nearly any tube from 7/8” to 3” (23-76mm), including aero tubes
  • Fully adjustable clamping pressure
  • Narrow clamping jaws (2.7”/7cm) fit into tight areas or on short seat posts
  • 360º clamp rotation
  • Soft, durable composite rubber clamping pads
  • Saddle cradle provides a perfect spot to temporarily rest a bike by its saddle
  • Three-point leg system creates a stable base on smooth or rough surfaces
  • Quickly and easily folds to 47”
  • Clamping height adjusts up to 60”
  • Proprietary Hexatude hex-shaped aluminum tubing ensures low flex and no rotation
  • Aluminum leg straps ensure all parts slide, fold and unfold together
  • Weighs just 13 pounds (6 kg)


Weight: 13





 The PRS-20 Sale Team Race Stand a compact, Euro-style work stand that securely holds the bike without clamping the frame tubes or seat post. The bike is clamped at either the front or rear dropouts, allowing free access to either end of the bike. It is ideal for bikes with ultra lightweight frame tubes and seatposts, and for bikes with tight access areas that can't be clamped. Features include a vinyl-covered cradle and quick release retention strap for bottom bracket stabilization, 360 degree horizontal rotation for easy access to both sides of bike, compact design that folds to 33-inches (84cm) for easy transport and storage, stable tripod base, built-in chain guide for easy chain cleaning with rear wheel removed, adjustable height from 28-inches to 38-inches (71cm to 96cm), and a durable blue powder coat finish. High wear parts are chrome plated. Made in USA.about 18LB

PRS-20  sale

PRS-21  sale same stand as the PRS-20 but 35% less weight 13.5 lb.

"Never-Never - Never clamp your high end frame with any work stand, work stands have powerful clamps or jaws and have the possibility to damage your tubing or finish, always clamp you seat post or use a  repair stand like the ones above.  Riders & Team  Mechanic like to avoid swapping the post to clamp a old post  or moving  the seat post  to clamp in a repair stand.  PRS 20 & 21 solve this problem.




Park Tool Professional shop repair stands sale below: 

All with lifetime park tool warranty


Park PRS-20 sale euro-style clamps without clamping frame tubes & seat post, The perfect stand if you do not want to clamp on your frame.

Park PRS-21 sale euro-style clamps without clamping frame tubes & seat post.



Ultimate  Bicycle repair stands sale:

Feedback Sports: has acquired Ultimate Bike Support, new name same great stand portable stand.

"Not only is the Pro-Elite the most stable portable stand we've ever Tested its easy to easiest to use" Bicycling 3-2009

      Our twice a year sale,  starting at $127.41



Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Stand   Top of the line Ultimate first & full function stand with quick release clamp.  The stand I personally have at the shop for a back up for our large Park tool stand.

Pro Elite repair stand (with bag) : 3 year warranty

Pro-classic repair stand w/o tote: 3 year warranty

Pro-ultralight repair stand W/O tote Bag: 3 year warranty

Sport- Mechanic repair stand : 1 year warranty

FEEDBACK Repair Accessories

Trs-80B truing Station $79.90.

Bag-90 (tote bag)  Pro-Ultralight  Bag $29.90

Tool tray: $32.00:   fits all Feedback sports stands



NEW! Pro-Compact Repair Stand  
Award-Winning, Pro-Stand Slide-Lock clamp on a travel size stand.

Slide-Lock Clamp.
Award-Winning Pro-Stand clamp, with quarter-turn action, quickly clamps without crimping or marring seat posts and tubes. Fits in tight places and on different tube diameters.

 Pro-Compact Repair Stand.

Most Portable
Folds compactly for travel or storage. Folded size is small enough to fit in travel cases and the smallest trunks. Easy set-up/tear down with no tools required.

Height Adjustable
Ratcheting, quick-release for fast set-up and tear down. Sets up from 3.5 feet to 6 feet.

Most Stable Base
Tripod configuration holds up to 60 lbs. on uneven surfaces (i.e. dirt, grass, slopes etc...). Large rubber footcaps enhance grip on all surfaces and wont fall off.

Technical Specifications:
Clamp Height 41.5" to 68" 1054 mm to 1727 mm
Base Diameter 51" 1295 mm
Folded Size 6.5 x 38" 165 mm x 965 mm
Clamp Opening .75" to 1.9" 19 mm/48.25 mm
Load Capacity 60 pounds 27 kg
Color Black anodized aluminum
Weight 10 pounds 4.5kg
Warranty 3 Years.





Good tool kits, good work!



Tool Kits



A great way to start a tool collection! The perfect combination of tools to help the novice home mechanic clean, adjust, maintain and do some basic repairs on their bike. The SK-1 includes eleven genuine Park Tool products plus a custom Park Tool toolbox.


                Park Tool: Advanced Mechanic (AK-37) Sale 37 of the same professional grade tools all repair shops use.


Park  Tool:   Professional PK-63   A do it all kit for the Home Mechanic or the first step for the professional shop mechanic   Sale






  Master tool Kit on sale save

Item # MK-218

Master Mechanic Tool Set

The Big Kahuna, The Real Deal, The Grand Poobah, All The Marbles, The Whole Shootin’ Match... Whatever you call it, this is it!  The tool set to end all tool sets. Designed for the professional, full service mechanic, the MK-210 is a complete set of professional level tools, fixtures, lubricants, gauges, and accessories. The perfect way to start a repair business, open or expand a bike shop, or create the ultimate home workshop. 210 shop quality tools from the only company in the world capable of such a feat.



 Request our complete park tool price list all sold at the Minimum pricing


Contents of the MK-218 Park Master tool Kit

  • ASC-1 Anti-Seize Compound
  • AV-4 Axle Vise
  • AWS-1 Hex Wrench Set 4, 5, 6mm
  • AWS-3 Y Hex Wrench Set 2, 2.5, 3mm
  • AWS-10 Hex Wrench Set- Fold Up
  • AWS-12 Hex Wrench Set-Fold Up
  • BBT-4 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-5 Bottom Bracket/ Cassette Lockring Tool for Campagnolo
  • BBT-7 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-9 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-18 Chainring Lockring/ Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-19 Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-22 Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool
  • BBT-39 Bottom Bracket Bearing Tool Set for BB30 standard
  • BBT-90 Removal Tool for Internal Bottom Bracket Bearings (BB86,90,92 standard)
  • BCB-4 Bike Cleaning Brush Set
  • BFS-1 Bottom Bracket Facing Set
  • BO-2 Bottle Opener
  • BTS-1 Bottom Bracket Tapping Set
  • BT-2 Fourth Hand Brake Tool
  • CBP-3 Campagnolo Bearing Puller and Installation Set
  • CBW-1 8 and 10mm Open End Wrench
  • CBW-4 9 and 11mm Open End Wrench
  • CC-2 Chain Checker Chain Wear Indicator
  • CCP-22 Crank Puller (square spindle type)
  • CCP-44 Crank Puller (spline type)
  • CCW-5 Crank Wrench
  • CL-1 Synthetic Chain Lubricant with PTFE
  • CN-10 Cable Cutter
  • CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench
  • CRC-1 Crown Race Cutter
  • CRP-1 Crown Race Puller
  • CRS-1Crown Race Setting System
  • CRS-15 Crown Race Setting System for 1.5 and 1-1/4" Inch Forks
  • CT-3 Professional Screw Type Chain Tool
  • CT-4.2 Master Chain Tool
  • CT-7 Screw Type Chain Tool for 3/16 inch or 1/8 inch chain
  • CTP Replacement Chain Tool Pin (5)
  • DAG-2 Derailleur Alignment Gauge
  • DC-1 Digital Caliper
  • DS-1 Digital Scale
  • DS-2 Tabletop Digital Scale
  • DT-1 Disc Mounting Facing Tool
  • DT-2 Rotor Truing Fork
  • DT-3 Rotor Truing Gauge
  • FAG-2 Frame Alignment Gauge
  • FFG-2 Frame & Fork End Alignment Gauge Set
  • FFS-2 Frame & Fork Straightener
  • FR-1 Freewheel Remover
  • FR-2 Freewheel Remover
  • FR-3 Freewheel Remover
  • FR-4 Freewheel Remover
  • FR-5 Casseete Lockring Remover
  • FR-5G Cassette Lockring Remover
  • FR-6 Freewheel Remover
  • FR-7 Freewheel Remover
  • FR-8 Freewheel Remover
  • FRW-1 Freewheel Remover Wrench
  • FTS-1 Fork Threading Set
  • HBH-2 Handlebar Holder
  • HCW-4 36mm Box-End and Bottom Bracket Pin Spanner
  • HCW-5 Double-Sided Bottom Bracket Lockring Tool
  • HCW-7 Headset Wrench
  • HCW-9 Headset Wrench
  • HCW-17 Fixed Gear Lockring Wrench
  • HHP-2 Bearing Cup Press
  • HMR-2 Shop Hammer
  • HR-12 Hex Tool, 6mm
  • HR-14 Hex Tool, 6mm
  • HT-6 Hex Tool, 6mm
  • HT-8 Hex Tool, 8mm
  • HT-10 Hex Tool, 10mm
  • HTR-1 Headtube Reamer and Facer
  • 690-XL Oversized Facer for HTR-1
  • 750 Centering Cone for HTR-1
  • 754 33.8mm Reamer for HTR-1
  • 768 43.8mm pilot for HTR-1
  • 769 Head Tube Reamer Extension
  • HW-2 32mm and 36mm Professional Headset Locknut Wrench
  • ISC-4 Internal Seat Clamp
  • JH-1 Bench Top Small Parts Holder
  • MB-1 Magnetic Parts Bowl
  • MLP-1 Master Link Pliers
  • MW-SET Metric Wrench Set
  • PAW-12 Ajustable Wrench, 12-inch
  • PH-1 P-Handled Hex Wrench Set w/ Holder (7 Piece Set)
  • PH-11 11mm Hex Wrench
  • PH-12 12mm Hex Wrench
  • PH-T25 P-hanlded 12 point star-shaped hex in T25
  • PH-T1 P-hanlded 12 point star-shaped hex set
  • PP-1 Piston Press for hydaulic caliper brakes
  • PTS-1Tire Seater Pliers
  • PPL-2 PolyLube 1000 Grease (tub)
  • PW-4 Professional Pedal Wrench
  • RR-12 Tape Ruler
  • RT-1 Race Remover
  • RT-2 Race Remover (1.5 inch standard)
  • SA-3 Heavy Duty Shop Apron
  • SAW-1 Hacksaw
  • SBC-1 Spoke, Bearing, and Cotter Gauge
  • SBS-1 Socket Bit Set
  • SCW-SET 13mm through 19mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench Set
  • SCW-20 20mm Cone Wrench
  • SCW-22 22mm Cone Wrench
  • SCW-23 22mm Cone Wrench
  • SCW-24 22mm Cone Wrench
  • SCW-28 28mm Cone Wrench
  • SD-0 Screwdriver, #0 Phillips
  • SD-3 Screwdriver, 3mm Flat Tip
  • SD-2 Screwdriver, #2 Phillips
  • SD-6 Screwdriver, 6mm Flat Tip
  • SG-1 Threaded Saw Guide 1-inch
  • SG-2 Threaded Saw Guide 1-1/8 inch
  • SG-6 Threadless Saw Guide
  • SG-7 Oversized Saw Guide (1.5 inch columns and integrated seat tubes)
  • SPA-1 Adjustable Pin Spanner
  • SPA-2 Adjustable Pin Spanner
  • SPA-6 Adjustable Pin Spanner
  • STL-2 Work Stool
  • SR-2 Professional Sprocket Remover / Chain whip
  • ST-3 Socket Tool (8, 9, 10mm)
  • SW-0 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-1 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-2 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-3 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-13 Spoke Wrench
  • SW-14 Spoke Wrench
  • SW-15 3-way Internal Nipple Wrench
  • SW-20 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-22 Professional Spoke Wrench
  • SW-40 Four Side Spoke Wrench
  • SW-42 Four Side Spoke Wrench
  • TAP-3 Pedal Tap, 1/2"
  • TAP-6 Pedal Tap, 9/16"
  • TAP-7 3mm x 0.5 Tap For Rear Wheel Dropout Alignment Screws
  • TAP-8 5mm x .8 Tap For Water Bottle, Toe Clip, Fender, and Rack Bosses
  • TAP-9 6mm x 1.0mm Tap For Cantilever Brake Bosses
  • TAP-10 10mm x 1.0mm Tap for Derailleur Hanger
  • TL-1 Tire Levers
  • TL-4 Tire Levers
  • TL-5 Tire Levers
  • TM-1 Spoke Tension Meter
  • TNS-4 Threadless Nut Setter
  • TNS-15 Threadless Nut Setter
  • TS-2.2 Professional Truing Stand
  • TSB-2 Truing Stand Base
  • TS-2di Extension for Truing Stand
  • TS-2TA Extension for Truing Stand
  • TW-5 Click-type Torque Wrench 3-15 Nm
  • TW-6 Click-type Wrench 10-60 Nm
  • TWS-2 Folding Wrench Set, 12-point star shaped hexes
  • UK-1 Utility Knife
  • WAG-4 Wheel Alignment Gauge (Dishing Tool)


The MK-210 ships in four boxes:
22.25" x 14" x 21" weighing 65 lbs.
41" x 20.5" x 5.5" weighing 50.3 lbs
42" x 13.75" x 5.5" weighing 52.8 lbs.
25.5" x 21" x 7" weighing 15 lbs.


With packing this tool kits 170-200Lb shipping weight.

Please note this Tool kit big and heavy shipping can easily run several $100.00  on a international shipment

Please ask for a shipping Quote before you place your order.



All Park tools have the factory life time warranty.

 Professional Tool Kit is designed as a "do it all" kit for the home mechanic or as a solid starter kit for the professional shop mechanic, the PK-63 is a very special 63-piece collection of our very finest shop tools. While it includes the tools needed to perform almost any basic repair or adjustment on the bike, the PK-63 also includes the specialty tools to perform many advanced repair tasks, such as installing and removing head cups, installing crown races, cutting fork steerer tubes, straightening derailleur hangers, tapping threaded frame braze-ons, dishing wheels, and more. The entire kit comes in a tough, oversized (21ä x 13ä x 11 ¸ä) tool box, which has plenty of extra room for additional tools .

TS-8 truing stand $99.90



   Park (TS-2.2)  MSRP $212.90  sale all month 179.90 while they last!!!

professional truing stand, auto centering . optional Truing stand Base  TSB-2 sold separate

Park TM-1 spoke tension Meter . MSRP $68.94,  Pick one up for $49.99 all month







Ultimate Support Table Top Digital Scales $49.90

Park Tool Digital scales:  $59.90


All Park tools have the factory life time warranty.




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