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Our Top brands Ritchey /  Fuji  /  Montague



We have a bike shop like no other,   In stock hard to Find Montague, come check them out!

Cutters Titanium Frame special $599.90

Build you own or have us build, new parts or recycle off your bike.


Ride year around Fun!

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Klaus New Ride!

Ritchey Swiss cross AKA Road gravel and adventure bike all in one>

Framesets start under $1000.00 we also offer full builds



Wanted to let you know how the ride was going on my new Richie Swiss Cross.The bike has surpassed all my expectations! Smooth, comfortable, and quick – – the bike is everything I was looking for. Shifting is particularly smooth on the SRAM Force1 system. Glad I got it.As you know I picked up the bike in your shop around noon – – the next morning I began my journey in Nashville Tennessee. Here are some pics during the 300 miles so far. Thanks again for building this beauty for me – – it's just what the doctor ordered.




We can Help with all your Ritchey Needs  Framesets and Complete bikes, Framesets


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Steve Dodds / Tom Ritchey / Joe Breeze / Charlie Kelly / Gary Fisher

I am pretty sure one of the above turned out first Modern MTB bike, all where at those humble beginning of the sport we all love today.

I was told Tom turned out over 700 frames before anyone else went into production.

Below you will find Tom's frameset for us to all enjoy and ride.




Lynskey Stratus Titanium and a peak inside our shop.



Surly Fat tires

Build your own or let us build it for you.


Ritchey 29er and 27.5 wheels sale

he Vantage II wheel is the successor to the legndary Ritchey Vantage wheels raced to numerous National and World Cup podiums in the 1990's. With a new, wider OCR rim profile and incredibly tough new alloy, the Vantage II is at the front of the field in terms of weight, stiffness and durability.




Hi Steve 

"Here a few pics to make you proud and a brief:


The ride: a pleasure – unparalleled

The look: clean, understated, classic

The comments before it even got on the road: Wow, whose bike is that? Can I buy it?

Its future: To/from work, weekend & holiday excursions, the odd short distance triathlon and the ITU Kitzbühel Triathlon with 3t Triathlon extensions

Frame: Direct from Steve the Bicycle Doctor

Paired with: SRAM XX1 & DTSwiss 240s & ZTR Crest No Tubes & Manitou Fork & Selle Italia Flite Titanium

 Many thanks for your support! Feel free to quote me.

 All the best,

Richie Zurich Switzerland"





$549.90  Single Monocog

MSRP $700.00  in stock special $549.90

full bikes : size 17  Best fit 5-4 to 5-10 

 While they last



In Stock  REDLINE MonoCog 29er  

  17 framesets $399.90

Average fit on 17" 5-4  to 5-10

WHAT: Redline Mono-cog 29” MAKER:

HOW MUCH:   MSRP $700.00  sale $599.90   


Mono-Cog 29er Single speed Frame/fork, $399.90 Full bike $599.90

Redline Bicycles    Factory Web site:  MAKER:



Framesets & complete Bikes

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SOLD Set-up Ready to Ride!!!!!!!!!

RED Line 29er



WARNING.... WARNING.... DO NOT RIDE A 29er or 27.5. !!!!!!!

29er and 27.5 Vs 26 wheels does it matter?  You bet, ask any 29er and 27.5 owner or test ride one yourself, it will be a life changing ride.  Ride up, over, down and out of holes and other trail hazards that stop a 26 wheel bike dead in their tracks. Your not riding in the terrain your on top of it. The long spokes and long 29er and 27.5 fork blades have more flex and absorb the rough terrain.  For this reason  many 27.5 and 29er riders prefer a hard tail frame and Ridged or surpension fork. KISS (keep it super simple). 227.5 9er wheels have better roll out and makes it hard for a 26 wheeled rider to keep up (in my case I can now see the young guys in front of me). If you stay on the power curve the large wheel offers more centrifugal force to keep the bike rolling. Call me any morning lets talk 27.5 and  29er's or place your order today.  I sold my $4,000.00 ATB bike and I will never look back.  I personally own  one 27.5 and one 29ers, a single ridged  1x10 speed .   Careful you could catch 27.5 and 29er fever its a sickness you can't cure. So don't ride or even look at one, unless you are serious ........ its easy to catch 27.5 and 29er fever! So if you want to wake up each morning screaming Bikes and feeling like an 8 year old kid lusting after a new bike...  Then ok go ahead and ride one...  But you have been warned.. The only relief to the sickness is to keep riding one, there is known cure for the bike fever!

Redline scored a quiet coup within the single speed world a few years ago with the introduction of the solid but inexpensive Monocog.   wheel bikes are gaining a foothold with a broader riding audience, and curious riders are wondering about how to get a taste of the potential of big wheels, Redline has introduced the Monocog.

Nothing fancy here – a 4130 cromoly frame, one gear, rigid fork, the Monocog  has one feature that should put it at the top of many check it out lists; MSRP $549.90 sale $59



That’s right, Five hundred and ninty nine bucks, Call us This is a screaming deal of a price for any bike. However, the Redline does it up right. It has big, meaty Kinda tires, an oversize Ritchey alloy rise bar, no-nonsense REDLINE alloy cranks with a square taper bb, cartridge bearing, disc-ready hubs (our rig actually had hand built wheels with SS spokes and Velox rim tape DH19 Rims. And a Full CHROMOLY FRAME and DISC BRAKE wheels.


Being completely rigid, and built with some stout steel Chromoly tubing, you can expect to take some abuse from the trail. However, the big wheels, extra long spokes used on a 29er wheel, long fork blades with a little more flex to saddle the wheel, high-volume tires, and slender 26.8mm seat post take the edge off the worst of the beating. Our 17” test bike hit the trail at a solid 27.5 pounds. That ain’t exactly light, but by that same token, the trail-friendly manners go a long way toward negating any perception of pudginess. It climbs well, holds a line well, feels bomber solid, and is a bunch of fun to ride. Can’t ask for a whole lot more than that.





  You always have the option of adding or Swapping out to something like a RockShox Reba (which is about 470mm/39mm when sagged a quarter of the way into it’s travel) shouldn’t have much – if any – effect on the handling.  I personally don't see the need for a shox but the option available I personally run a carbon fork to keep it simple and light.

I’m really hard pressed to find anything to complain about. I wouldn’t mind if the handlebars were an inch or so wider. A carbon bars and carbon seat post option along with the disc brake option a nice touch for the cool factor and helps smooth things out a little more. But honestly, that’s about it. The stock 32x16 gearing is right on the money for most off-road single speed duty. Everything works quietly and without fuss. It can handle epic all-day dirt rides, and it can double up as a fine corner store cruiser. It even does a pretty decent wheelie. What more could you ask for, really? Sizing: available in a 15-17-19-21 frame.






  We have other models below and above in stock!!

  hydraulic lockout  shoxand 100mm of travel to leave you feeling fresher at the end of the ride.

Nevada  range in price from $339.90-$1099.90   check them all out   

Cash/Check Discount available  form





Framesets & complete Bikes

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SOLD Set-up Ready to Ride!!!!!!!!!

RED Line 29er

Emma with Last years Monocog,   and up disc Brakes come stock and well worth the small price increase.  





while they last







Cutters 29er Titanium Frame

Click photo to enlarge or Click Cutters and go to home Page!!

All cutter Titanium  frameset are design in Bloomington Indian and sold world wide. The quarry work model  above sold as a frameset or complete bike. 

 Titanium frames start $599.90, complete bike start at $1699.90.

 Available as a Single Speed 29er or Gear 29er.  titanium, its smooth-comfortable-fast & very light.  Titanium Durable and  needs no paint. No worries about scratches & will not rust, polished to look new forever.  Its your last frame or till your ready for the Titanium road model to match. 

Frame sizes 17-19-21

To order yours or any question e-mail










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Above  680 29er  on a ride  ( I delivered this 29er to Leroy in the Cayman Islands  EAST END)  one of the best places to Ride in the world.






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