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Thank you all for your Kind words and photo's

steve &  Eric 







"Bicycle Doctor is one of our original and most experienced BreakAway dealers. You're in good hands with Steve & Eric."

Nate Shaw

National Retail Sales Manager



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Wow, you guys never fail.  7 days.  >8000 miles.  Less than 12 hours to race time.  I am yet again impressed.  Thank you very much.  I feel like I could say it 100 times.

They look great.  They feel great.  They SOUND great.  Most of all, they perform like a madman.  I haven't been this pumped over an object since I got my first drum set over 20 years ago.  

My Japanese friends want some too!

Thanks again,
Dan Meehan  customer stationed in Japan






 "Bicycle Doctor USA is one of my best dealers in the Great Lakes Region"


Thank You

Jeff Buerman 

 Outside sales manger Mavic USA









One more for your comments page.
I bought this Kestrel frame set from you as a retirement gift to myself in February 2004.
I was initially smitten with the Kestrel line when I bought their 4000 about 23 years ago. I sold it and graduated to titanium by Litespeed.
By chance when surfing the net, I found your web site with Kestrel at great prices. Now the Talon SL is my favorite ride. Glad to see you still carry the Kestrel line.
Next milestone for me in two years is age 65. A new bike may be on the horizon.






Can't tell you how much I like the wheels.  Great wheels at a great price and they got to me in no time.  Hope you don't mind if I ask every now and then about other great deals like this one in the future.
Forrest Poole








Received the bike.  Took it for a ride on Saturday.  It was better than I had hoped it would be.  You guys did a nice job setting it up also.


Thank you very much I could not be happier.  I will recommend you to my friends.












Your Quarry Worker Rocks!!!  I bought a Quarry Worker from your shop a little under 1 year ago while searching for the perfect bike for the ride I was doing.  I specifically remember being sold when I was told "you will die before this bike dies," and "this bike has all of my favorite parts of everything I've ever seen."  I was sold, but mildly skeptical.  

I am a skeptic no more.  This bike took me through rain, snow, hail, slop, cold, sand, mud, clay, heat, rivers, potholes, washboard, rock gardens, drops, streams, more drops, and overall abuse on the Tour Divide Race.  2795 miles of nearly all off road, middle of nowhere, ride till you sleep, eat while you ride, sleep while you eat racing that started in Banff, Alberta crossed the continental divide 29 times, and ended in Antelope Wells, New Mexico.  This bike rocked its way through Alberta, British Colombia, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico and it had more to give- alas, the race was over and I did not.  This bike was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I couldn't be happier and- unless my wife says otherwise- I may be buried with this bike.

Thanks Again

Jake from Wisconsin

and Yes- I went with the rigid fork (carbon) for the entire ride- there is no other way


Tom Arbogast sent us a photo of his Kestrel he just got 8-2011 he must be very pleased.

Thanks again for all of your time and patience in this process. For what it's worth, it's easy to recommend you guys to my friends.


Chris Cronin


From: Andy Boswel
Sent: Monday, November 16
To: Bicycledoctor@att.net

Attachments: Alpe d'Huez.bmp; Galibier TAB01.jpg; IM Switzerland.JPG



I just wanted to check in...  Hopefully you’ve put a lot of good miles on the road since you sold me my first real bike back in May 2005. 


Since then, my trusty Kestrel Talon has taken me to the top of Alpe d’Huez, Col du Galibier, and the Ventoux… it got me over Heartbreak Hill (thrice) and across the finish line in Ironman Switzerland, as well as a dozen other long course triathlons… and it traveled who knows how many miles through the Blue Ridge in Virginia, the Rockies in Montana, the lakefront of Chicago, and most recently along the beaches of South Florida.


As you promised, the Talon has proven to be a durable frame that suits both road and time trial riding styles.  Over the years, I’ve since grown to love cycling/triathlon and I attribute at least part of that positive experience to your willingness to help me purchase a bike that would suit all my riding goals (and my budget).  


And while I have certainly been tempted to upgrade on many occasions, I must say I’m just as happy with the bike today as I was when I bought it from you nearly five years ago.  In fact, I’ve been so happy with my purchase that I was totally bummed when my local bike shop told me that my setup was looking “very tired”.  Luckily, it turns out they were just talking about the components, most of which have endured over two years and 10,000 miles down here in the salty air of South Florida.  I guess it’s only a matter of time…


Which brings me to my new bike vs. overhaul dilemma…

I’m leading towards the latter.



Thanks a lot for your help… and for the past 5 years of great riding.




PS after talking to Andy sounds like Andy going to put a new sram group on and go another 10,000.00 plus miles on his kestrel.


To Bike Doctor Staff

Thanks again for the great service on my Ritchey BAB road bike Ti/Carbon. I have never dealt with a shop in person as efficient and helpful as you guys are, and you did everything over the phone and via email!

As for the bike... Wow. I put about 75 miles on it since Friday. The ride is as smooth and responsive as my high-end carbon frames. I admit that it flexes a bit more when I really get on it, but not enough to be a problem, and the portability MORE than makes up for it! Put another way if I could only have ONE road bike, this would be it!

Satisfied (make that ecstatic) customer! Thanks again!

Dr Bill Stephens In Arizona



Just got back from my first ride on my "new" bike, well not really new, just feels better than new.  I installed the SRAM Red Group and Hed Ardennes Wheels (with Conti 4000s tires right now because roads still have junk from Winter on them) the Flame Rouge upgrade makes those wheels so smooth and the they are perfectly true and spin so clean. What was a dream bike, got better.  It is a custom Ti with S&S couplers.  I removed Durace triple and Mavic Ksyrium SL SSCs (with Conti 4000).  I had previously ridden this bike up the Alps climbs while chasing the Tour in 2004, and was very happy with it, now I am ecstatic!  The handling, which was all ready excellent is now awesome!  I cannot wait to try it with slightly more supple tires.
Just wanted to share how happy I am, thanks to your outstanding suggestions and service!
Al League


Good afternoon Steve@BicycleDoctorUSA,

 Thank you for your great service.  The Jet 4 FR wheels arrived Friday afternoon in excellent condition and after a 46 mile test ride on Saturday, they have exceeded my expectations.  The build quality, materials and workmanship are second to none.  It is great to know that "Made in the USA" is alive and well with dedicated and innovative companies such as HED Cycling. They are considerably faster than 24-28mm wheels, by at least 2+ mph especially in a headwind.

 Please pass this along to Steve Hed.


 Miguel Betancourt

Georgetown, TX




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“You guys have been awesome!  Couldn’t ask for a better dealer.” 


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Ritchey Ti/Carbon Breakaway bike owner.
Yes I got it on the weekend, built it up and have been on a couple of rides.  It's really nice.  I ride a Cervelo Soloist Carbon as my standard road bike and to be honest it rides just as well.  Seems stiff enough - I road up some 19% gradients so if that doesn't test it our nothing will.  No creaks or noises.  Good balance and handling.  All in all very pleased.  Thanks for your help on the transaction.

Michael McMullen,   Melbourne, Victoria, 3186, Australia.



Thanks to all You guys! Here it is assembled and this is how happy I am after the first test ride. Cold only +4 degrees centigrade, about 40 degrees F I guess?
Got the Bike intact and delivered Yesterday the 15th, and it was no problem to assemble! Customs and charges were acceptable and in order as entered as value.
Thanks a lot for all the extra goodies - I do appreciate it a lot!!!
Now You're all wondering--------
How was the first ride?
FAST AND A VERY SMOOTH RIDE FEELING! Climbed a hill I usually take, and asked myself - was that the hill  -  looking backwards...
Sincerely Yours
Christer "The Viking" Weyde

New kestrel owner in Sweden







Dear Steve,






Hello, my name is Juan. I bought a Raleigh R700 from you in 2004. You might not remember me but I was transacting with you over the phone and I was the only customer who asked you for a 120 day layaway. I was also sending you western union checks through the mail.

Just wanted to let you know that the bike is still on the road. It had a few upgrades but most of the Ultegra drivetrain and breaks remain. Thanks for accomodating me 7 years ago. More power to you.



Steve & Eric

"Got the wheels Fri., had my guy install w/ light Maxxis tires and new (Record) drive train on my Orbea Opal.  Wow, what a diff.  I felt in the first two blocks what seemed like a 10% diff.  That was confirmed out on the road (rollers) then climb up our awesome Colorado National Monument (the "tour of the moon" from the old Coors Classic/Red Zinger days).  Weather should hold a little longer, then it may be far and few in between to enjoy the new set up...but I'm stoked.

Thanks and take care."
Yeulin V. Willett Mavic Ksyrium Sl wheel owner
Younge & Hockensmith, P.C.







Eric & Steve,

Sorry for the long delay in sending this email, I guess I was too busy

riding my BAB and getting into retirement.

Feel free to use this email as you wish.

I purchased a Ritchey BreakAway Ti Cross bike in January '07. Had it

built as a touring bike by Eric & Steve (www.bicycledoctorusa.com). In

February, with 50 miles on the odometer, I took it on a 1600km

semi-loaded tour in the Yucatan of Mexico (www.bikemexico.com). It

performed very well & traveled free on the airlines, as I had hoped.

3000 miles later I have just finished 450 miles of Cycle North Carolina

(www.ncsports.org), again with great ride comfort and without mechanical

issue. My other Ti cross/touring bike has been sitting idle all year.

Thanks again, Eric & Steve.

Vic B..







Hi Steve & Eric –

I love my new Talon SL ! Awesome ride! The rain held off tonight and Zeke and I had a chance to spin around Eagle Creek Park with our friends for a quick hour tonight. Okay, it's nice to be the envy of the crowd, but even nicer is the ride - that bike is right there where you want it to be, when you want it to be. Just like a sports car....I had a ball riding it.

Thank you for all of your terrific personal attention and service. There might be many places out there to buy a bike, but you have earned my loyalty by doing what you do best. No buyer's remorse in this corner of northwest Indy - thank you for taking such good care of me and for helping me get into such a spectacular bicycle.


Mindi Epstein









Hi, Steve.

 I just want to give you some over-due feedback on the

Ritchey Break-away cross frame you sold me in May. I just returned

from almost 7 weeks in Anchorage, and used the bike nearly everyday.

Most miles came from commuting to the office, about 9 miles each way

of paved trail, street, and a tiny bit of single track. The bike

handled it all, including a rack with panniers to haul my street

clothes and laptop. I had a few chances to ride on dirt and enjoyed

that too. By the way I set it up with flat bars and mini-V brakes.

Breaking down and packing is quick, and re-assembly, like I did

today, is a manner of minutes.

Please forward my comments to Ritchey--I lost their email address

from our earlier communications. Overall, I could not be happier and

feel like I got great value.


Bob Krantz


     Wanted to let you know the bike arrived.  Everything is perfect.  Thank you for the professional, competent service, and best pricing in the world!  You guys are the best.  Will buy from you again.  Thanks. 

John Sickman, Phoenix AZ.


Jim, Steve & Eric

"After a few days of rest, I have my wits together enough to write you a note of thanks for loaning me a Kestrel RT700 for the Race Across America. I'm extremely grateful to Steve Dodds of the Bicycle Doctor

(www.BicycledoctorUSA.com) for facilitating the loan and helping me fit

the bike.

I was a member of the 4-person team "Hoosiers". Competing against 15 other teams from Oceanside, CA to Atlantic City, NJ we placed 7th overall in a time of 7 days, 2 hours, and 15 minutes. That's an average of 17.87 mph. We also were the winners of the 60-69 age group, breaking the existing average speed record in the process. Obviously we are pleased with our results.

Let me tell you how well the RT700 performed during the race. I've attached a picture of the bike as it was set up. In team RAAM the format usually consists of repeated 5 to 10 mile pulls, rotating among the 4 riders. I did about 895 miles in seven days, all of them as fast as I could go under the conditions. The conditions varied widely: up, down, smooth, rough, in the heat of the day and the cold of the night. The RT700 disappeared underneath me and allowed me to get the most from my effort. I've ridden other carbon frames and the RT700 is definitely more comfortable. I did not experience the usual hand and foot numbness, nor did I have serious saddle sores. I felt that the RT700 made me a better cyclist, especially on the climbs.

I appreciated the crisp shifting of the Ultegra 10 speed and the light weight of the entire bike. Weight is important not only for climbing. After each pull we had to rack the bike, then take it off again in 20 minutes for the next pull. An extra pound means a lot when you have to lift a bike a couple dozen times a day for seven days!

I can't thank you enough for loaning me the RT700. I managed to get the Kestrel on the stage for the finish interview and mentioned that you loaned it to me for the race. I will send you a copy of the team photo when it is available. You can find some pictures of the finish at http://gallery.raceacrossamerica.org/gallery/3032943#164934957

Best wishes to you and your company in the future."


Dave Tanner


2007 Team RAAM 60+ Champions and Record Holders


Steve & Eric,
It has been my great pleasure to purchase my Kestrel Talon from you.  Your comments, suggestions, insight and patience made this truly a great buying experience.  Not only was your service great, but your pricing was the best online direct pricing of any vendor I checked.  I wish I could broadcast this to any individual considering the purchase of a Kestrel:  CHECK OUT BICYCLEDOCTORUSA!!! 
My talon came with the 2 position aero seatpost (upgrade and best price retail by the way), Profile T2+ Cobra aerobars (upgrade and again best retail price), and all Dura Ace Drive train (a modest cost for the upgrade in components) and with shipping was still nearly $400 less than I could buy locally for a stock Talon without the upgrades.
I am training for a major 1/2 Ironman campaign for 2007 and my Talon will be integral to my race plan.  When I move up to Ironman for 2008, I will be purchasing an Airfoil Pro and I will again look to the East to Bloomington and you good folks at Bicycle Doctor for my Ironman ride. 
Thanks again for all of your help.  By the way, to all who are considering a purchase, the bike comes to you packaged with great care to prevent even marring the finish on the bike.
One final comment, I looked around online and the pricing here at Bicycledoctorusa was better than the other online retailers by at least $200 (frameset or complete bike) and their prices for upgrade items either stand alone or as upgrades to a bike were the best I'd found.  But don't take my word for it, see for yourself.
Thanks again,
Steve Perkins, another Satisfied Customer
Beaverton, Oregon


I wanted you to know that working with you on this decision was a good experience.  Your effort and response to my questions made me very comfortable with buying a bike this way.  I don't think that I would have followed through with this purchase if it were not for you - thanks, I know that I'm going to love this bike. 
Thanks again,
Dennis Reeves Austin, Tx     Talon SL owner


Eric & Steve

"Thanks again for all of your hard work, it's always nice going in for

the final sprint knowing we have the best bike on the track."


Kappa Kappa Gamma   Little 500 champs



Hey Steve:

Brian in Cayman here. Just wanted to say thanks, the bike you built for me

is great!! I received it without a scratch!! Great packing..

I took it out for the first run, on Sunday morning, O.C. and I did 86 miles

that day. I will definitely recommend you to everyone on the Island wanting

to buy a bike.

Thanks again!

Brian Watler, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Cayman has a very active cycling community. I would recommend a Cayman cycling trip to any one.







Steve & Eric

"I’m enjoying the bike Kestrel Talon Sl. Just won the (last week) Florida State TT championships for my age group. Avg. speed for 10k TT 24.7MPH Not bad for an old guy."


Thanks Steve Agronick, Florida



Steve,  "I rode the Talon SL last night for the first time last night.  I felt like I had an unfair advantage.  It amazed me how much faster it was than my Trek 5200."

Thanks Brian Williams




Dear Steve,
"THANK YOU!    I was very impressed by your quick service and helpful suggestions.  Turns out one of the top athletes in the area also purchased a bike through you guys a few years ago.  I definitely have lots of positives to share with everyone about my purchase... cannot wait to get out on the group rides!"
Best regards,
Yasmin Saad
The Saad Team


"Hey guys just a note to say Thanks!  You made a sale, but made a dream reality.  It's always a pleasure to work with you two.  Not only is the bicycle doctor my bike shop with two bike experts but two friends.  You have my loyalty as a customer.  Thanks again, Scott"






Steve & Eric,

  "I purchase a Kestrel Talon sl from you 2 years ago this summer, and it's been one sweet ride since."  thanks, Tony. (ANTHONY SCHMIDT  April 2005)


Hi Steve,
"it´s me. José from Brazil. I guess you remind me, but just in case I bought an SPETACULAR, AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT yellow Kestrel Talon that gave me about 2miles/hour extras in my average speed!!"



Hi Eric/Steve, "Just letting you know that I received my Talon yesterday evening, and I have to say that I am impressed with the extra care taken in packaging the bike, and to receive it unscathed! More so, when you consider that it was shipped from Bloomington Indiana to Ewa Beach, Hawaii! Impressed by the looks of the new Ultegra 10 speed package, especially the crank which looks allot like the Dura Ace. No complaints about the Velocity wheelset either! Many compliments about the bike, and can't wait to ride it!
Thanks for the outstanding, courteous service. Two Thumbs Up!!!!"
Mahalo! (Thank You!), and Aloha!
Larry M.
Ewa Beach, Hawaii  


Steve & Eric, "just a note to let you know how pleased I am not only with my new Kestrel Talon SL Limited Edition, but also with your customer service.

First of all the bike arrived in perfect condition and was flawlessly assembled. All cables were cut & neatly capped at their proper length and all components fit perfectly so they needed no adjustment.

Secondly, the bike rides like a dream >> in large due to the advice and guidance you provided along the entire "specking-out" process.

Thirdly, your customer focus and desire to make everything perfect made my buying experience truly enjoyable. You can count on receiving future orders from me and I will also recommend the Bicycle Doctor to my friends without hesitation."

Thanks for a Great Ride

Dave in Huntington Beach, CA




"I must say that the experience of buying my Kestrel Talon from you has been absolutely first rate!"



Jan Andersson

Sandvik Coromant Co, Marketing

Product Management-Turning


Eric & Steve,

"Bike arrived in perfect shape a couple of weeks ago!   I wanted to just thank you for all the help in putting this wonderful machine together.  Everything you suggested was perfect.  The Kestrel rides like a complete dream. It's been up and down our Southern California roads and gets looks everywhere I go.  The guys and the LBS can't wait to give it a tune up!  Anyway, thank you and Eric for a wonderful experience in bike buying.  I will recommend you to any and everyone looking for top notch service & equipment (as well as advice).  
By the way... Flow Ti is my new best friend.  Guys at the LBS had never even heard of it and wanted to know where I got it and how it rode."
Thanks again!
Scott Garner, Talon owner California USA





Eric ,                                                                                                                                                         "That is one great bicycle . She loved it . Mine came in yesterday . I haven't got to ride it yet . It looks great . Thanks for packing it so well not a scratch on either one . Tell Steve the fit is perfect . Those wheels are great too!! "

Thanks for everything                                                                                                                                Brian Jackson  Talon owner, Missouri USA


Hi Steve,

The Kestrel's first day at the races confirms the speed of this bike.  FIRMMAN 1/2 Iron, in Naragansett Rhode Island yesterday, I was part of and all female relay team and I rode the 3rd fastest women's time EVER on that course.  56 miles in 2:39, that's and average of 21 mph!  And 20 minutes faster than I rode on the same course a year ago on the old bike.  Not only did my team take the GOLD, but my racing team won the Grand Prix series in every category, and the all female category was the toughest one for us.  We won by over 25 minutes yesterday.

One more note:  the Flow titanium seat...well, I had on my "tri" shorts that have very minimal padding, and my behind feels just fine....amazing saddle!!!

Thank you, again!

Cheryl Taylor  Massachusetts USA


Hi Steve,
Just Sarah here, letting you know my kestrel has finally arrived!  I'm being biased but in my opinion it is the best bike i have ever seen, it is just absolutely fantastic and better than i expected now i can get a close look at it.  Everything is in order after travelling and the bike is all assembled ready for action.  I'd like to say thanks for the little extras ie t-shirt, patch kit, stickers and cleats.  I have a few big things planned for the bike namely the New Zealand ironman triathlon in March 05, i have no doubt my new machine will make all those training rides much more comfortable and fun.  My friends will all be jealous of me and maybe you may get some more business out of us Aussies in the future.  Thanks again for everything Steve, it was fantastic doing business with you. 

Sahah Josey  in  Australia                     


Steve, "I got first place in my age group in the triathlon this weekend.  Must be the new bike (kestrel Talon SL)!"
Thanks.  Julie Carson in Florida


Hi Steve and Eric,

"I wanted to thank you so much for being a part of completing a dream.  The Kestrel not only looks amazing but it rides amazing.  The Flow Ti seat is like sitting on air, simply a great design.  Everything about it is top notch...I am so lucky.  She has just over 100 miles on her in 3 days and I never am ready for the ride to end it is so comfortable.  My average speed is just under 19mph for those 100 miles!  And it isn't exactly flat here.  The shifting is quick and smooth and right on cue...and I only dumped the chain once so far.

Most important:  the reason I have been riding so much this summer is due to a knee injury revealing a cartilage defect under my left kneecap.  I have been unable to run since May with daily symptoms of swelling, aching and giving out.  I kid you not, after 1 ride on the Kestrel my symptoms have gone completely away.  Maybe it is the Speedplay pedals, maybe it is the new angle of the road bike vs my old tri bike, I don't know...but I am extremely optimistic now that I may be able to avoid surgery. 

Thank you both for your patience, honesty, and knowledge." 

Cheryl Taylor 

Massachusetts USA



Steve and Eric,
"Please find attached just a few of the pictures from our trip to Napa, Sonoma, Russian River and Alexander Valley in California.  Our Kestrel's arrived in perfect shape and the 8 days of 45 to 70 miles each day went by so fast we could hardly believe it.  The kestrel talon SL bikes  made our vacation even that much more memorable."
Thanks for all your help,
Steve and Lynna Lynn, Indiana




"Got it (New Kestrel Talon).LOVE it!! A 12 pack of Corona's to my favorite bike mech helped soften the blow of not adding to the local economy...ha! A pro tune-up and extended test ride later...(I thought he'd never get off of it!)... I am very happy!

It was a pleasure dealing with you. I'll keep sending folks your way."

David Roark

 Winter Park, Florida



    Steve / Eric,        

        " I finished 1st. age group 55-59 in the Terre Haute Triathlon May 15th. Twelve minutes faster than last year. "    

                                                                Merv Nolot Kestrel Talon owner


"WOW  !!!!!   Spent the complete Holiday weekend riding the bike.  FANTASTIC" **********


 Dr. Steve Lynn

 Third time Kestrel owner and now new Custom Talon SL owner.


Steve & Eric,

  "  For the ride I was about 2.5 minutes faster than the same ride a couple of weeks ago on the old bike.  Amazing, comfortable too."

Eric Altman                                                                                                                                                   New Kestrel Talon owner 5-04


Steve and Eric:
I have now ridden the new Kestrel talon 140 mi since last Thursday.  What a smooth and fast bike.  I can't say enough about your input and how great the bike actually performs.  It looks fast and it is fast...I find myself using a higher gear constantly.  I have ridden a LeMond and a Klein Quantum Pro and this is the best ride, hands down.  My wife and I enjoyed the ride from Illinois to your shop in Bloomington and the chance to meet you and Eric in person.  For those of you who are skeptical about internet purchases, rest assured that the Bicycle doctor will take care of you.  Thanks again, Gene
Building contractor from Fairfield, Illinois


Subject: RE: Ebay Auction for 2003 Talon SL Frame set


Hi Steve.  


"Just wanted to let you know I got the bike last Wednesday and built it and rode it twice over the weekend. It's an awesome bike!!   Light, stiff and a smooth ride, worth every penny!!"

Thank you

 Bob Gramling   Talon SL owner. NY USA



Hi Steve,

"The bike is fantastic (kestrel Talon SL). I won the triathlon State title yesterday  in my age.55-59.did the bikeleg in  59min.[40km].I'm very happy with it."

Thanks again 

 Leif Schnoor in Australia


 Steve & Eric,

"The Kestrel Talon that I got from you is hands down the best investment I've made in a long time. What a great bike you put together for me."

Jeffrey G. Moan
Sr. Account Executive
Sayers Finance Corp



"I received the Kestrel Talon SL.  It is a very nice bike. It rides so much nicer that my Litespeed Ultimate.  You were right. I was able to build it just slightly under 15lbs."

David Drabic  



"I am happily riding the Talon SL. Quite a difference in ride over my fast-but-brutal Giant TCR Team aluminum frame/carbon fork compact geometry bike. My arthritis likes the Talon!"


Ron Walkenbach, Ph.D.



I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy by new Talon. The midnight blue was well worth waiting for.

I've ridden the 30 mile loop near my house several time and it rides beautifully. No more fingers being numb. Not sure it it's a different position on the bike or all the carbon....or both? In any case, it rides great. The bike just looks fast!

I just can't believe the difference between this and my Trek.

Thanks for your great service and sending the pictures as you built the bike.

Doug Dale



My wife wanted me to write today and let you know we received her bike yesterday (Red Kestrel Talon 55cm to

Salt Lake City). She is very happy with the bike to say the least. I bought a new bike last spring and

had a horrible experience dealing with bike dealers and the bike companies themselves. I think that she

was expecting the same type of experience and you have proved otherwise. We put everything together last

night along with the aero bars. Thanks again for your prompt service and an easy transaction. Look forward

to doing business with you in the future.

Matt & Michelle Baird


Hey Steve,

YES! I just got them last night! I was going to let you know - y'a beat me to the punch, thank you! Your

customer service is exemplary, thank you. They're absolutely fantastic! So light and the craftsmanship

is top quality. As expected from Mr. Campy. If there does happen to be warranty issue, I'm covered.

Thanks, again, and hope to do business with you in the future.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Mark Soueidi



I received the Talon in perfect condition! It is even better than I hoped. I am so happy with the Velocity Pro wheels...Once I saw them on the bike, I didn't even think about the Mavic Elite.

A couple of things.


My own feelings about this purchase.

1. I thought your personal input on my purchase was exceptional. This is the first bike purchase I have made in 20 years and your help was critical. Even as the bike was being built, your input to change the tires from Serfas to Michelin Axial Carbon made a big difference in the look of the finished product.

2. The Ultegra Triple is what makes this bike a real world bike for my area of the country. Kestrel does not offer the option and I know I got a better built bike with more customization in headset, seat, wheels that could possibly have been given from Kestrel.

3. There is always some uncertainty about buying out of state and via internet. The comfort level I ended up with was the e-mails directly from you to Kestrel (Doug) and your interface with suppliers like Velocity.

4. Ultimately it comes down to what is delivered and you delivered a great bike!

Some suggestions for the website based on my buy:

1. A gallery of built bikes

2. A picture of a bike being built by Eric

3. A picture of how well Eric packs the bikes for shipping

This would convey a sense of real people behind the website and the "personal service" offered. It would give other buyers the pictorial sense that you absolutely know what you are doing!

Thanks again for the great bike....I will use it for many years to come!


Martin Quintana


To Eric & Steve,

Thank you for building me this bike! The aerodynamics are so slippery going

into the Florida breeze, that with the fine DuraAce/Integra hardware

cranking, I have had to watch my speed going upwind!. Great agility and

comfortable ride, it all makes me go further faster with a bigger smile.



" I road the bike yesterday and it is a very nice ride. Carbon fiber is a lot easier on your body! I can' t feel the road vibration at all! Didn' t think such a thing was possible."

Kristi Kees

Senior Networking Engineer , TX



Just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding service you provided in the sale of my Talon SL F/F. It arrived last Wed. eve (2 day shipping!) and I just finished putting it together a few minutes ago. It rides at dawn!

It was a pleasure doing business with you!



Jim, I really want to thank you for resolving this issue so quickly. I really appreciate the time, effort and wonderful customer service you exhibited throughout this process. With your help, I'll be back on the road

leading- or more accurately put, breaking away from the pace line in the next couple of weeks.

I'm sooo excited about the Evoke, I'll let you know how that first ride goes.

Steve, I would also like to thank you for putting this together, The bicycle Doctor has a loyal customer in Columbus, Ohio.

Thanks again

-Mike Webb




Comment on the Zipps . . .

 Zipp 404 tubulars, Zipp tubular tires, Zipp carbon brake pads.

"Steve was great to work with when I bought my wheels.  I asked a lot--I mean a lot of questions, and Steve always gave me candid feedback.  I rode a 1/2 IM in August and did IM Wisconsin in September.  The wheels where light, responsive, and bullet-proof.  What more could you ask for?  Cost is always a factor when you are buying up-scale wheels.  Zipp is Indiana born , their hubs spin like butter, and they look great on a bike.  These wheels got me through my first IM and qualified me for Hawaii―like the commercial says 'priceless'."

 P.S.  I qualified, but can't go in '04.  Knowing satisfies for now.

Chris Cronin   In Michigan USA


Hi Steve,

Thanks for the nice email. We are glad we are able to bring you back another

winning bike, and will definitely be giving you our race bike. Please let me

know when is the best time to drop it off to you. We are obviously not quite as

busy as we were, so we are flexible. Thanks again for building such amazing

bikes...they were amazing!

The Kappa Bike Team  2004 Pole Winner  &Winning team Little 500.    The winning bikes now on display at our shop along with 8 others from the last 16 years that used our special speed package and set-up..

Steve & Eric

"Thanks again for Building Us such amazing bikes....they were amazing!"                                                                                                   Kappa Bike Team, Alison, Meredith, Kelsey & Jessica















e-mail:  bicycledoctor@att.net