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FUJI bicycle


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New 2018 check with us on last years!

We can price anything you see on the Fuji web site www.fujibikes.com

Fuji SL frameset  1.1   (elite), come in about 700 grams +/-  special pricing call for details


e-mail;  Bicycledoctor@att.net   Phone: 812-825-5050 8-12noon weekdays

Fuji Ace 24" and 650 MSRP email us for a discount

do not forget our next Generation of riders

Below the premium Kids road bike on the market ride with mom and dad with ease.

MSRP $465.00  before Discount!


Here's one of the Lightest Bikes and frameset on The Planet. 

Just a Hair over 10LB  complete in size 56cm*


"Incredible bike- so light and fast with the Zipp wheels. Have to tame it on the descents. Everyone is raving about is -it's weight and its beauty."


Orrett Connor,:  with  his new Fuji 1.1 SL  Grand Cayman Islands  and South Carolina





 FUJI SL  Elite 1.1  frameset  just a little over 700 grams

Check with us for special offering on this Fanatic frameset for your next build!


 Just wanted to give you an update as well as provide a recommendation for your business. I did not see anywhere on your website where I could rate/evaluate my experience through the BicycleDoctorUSA.com 
I recently purchased the Fuji SL 1.5 and couldn't be happier with the services that you provided and the bicycle itself.
 I would admit that I was a little nervous purchasing a bicycle online. However, things could not have gone smoother.
I was pleased with the multiple communications I had with you prior to both purchasing and then prior to receiving the bicycle.
 Your communication through both email and telephone was much appreciated. The product was as advertised.
Your follow-up communication after I received the merchandise just to make sure everything was as should be and if there were any questions was again unexpected and appreciated
Bob W  in Ohio

2017 FUJI SL:   Available as a frameset  700 gram range +/- 

Also complete Bikes ,  starting at just a hair over 10LB


 Replacement of the beloved Fuji SST:  special pricing.



Above Fuji  Absolute Fitness or Life style Bike

 Flat bars for that up right comfortable ride.

Absolute series range in price from below $400 to slightly below $950.00

In the photo one of more popular loaded with features  Fuji 1.9, Light weight parts & disc brakes

All on the special Fuji frame under $500.00  full size run available.



Some call in a Gravel Bike , some call it a high performance Cyclocross bike other call it their every day go to bike.

Fuji Cross bikes start about $1000.00

Above Fuji Cross 1.3  with the new 1x11 MSRP $1480.00  you can get one for below $1380.00 during early bird special .  see the complete fuji line at www.Fujibikes.com

we can help with any model.




 Fuji world Class Tri frame and Road Framesets

specials:  BicycleDoctor@att.net





Stop do not purchase a Fuji bicycle Till you get our Price on the package!

Learn and see more www.fujibikes.com or feel free to drop us a e-mail / call for complete pricing.

Fuji Transonic wind tunnel proven up to 65 sec faster than some of the very best frames in the world.  http://www.fujibikes.com/transonic/ 

http://www.fujibikes.com/transonic/speed/   and www.fujibikes.com  Feel free to e-mail us or Call for complete pricing.

Transonic SL 1.1 Sold as a frameset and Complete Bikes

 Frameset  MSRP $2500.00,  check with us for special price save $100s and 100s!







Above Fuji Absolute models Range in price from about $400.00 to $800 Feel free to e-mail or call to find the right model for you.

Learn and see more www.fujibikes.com or feel free to drop us a e-mail for complete pricing.



Above Fuji Sportif   start around $400.00 and range up to about $800.00

Learn and see more www.fujibikes.com or feel free to drop us a e-mail for complete pricing.




Available as a frameset and complete bike! E-mail BicycleDoctor@att.net

As of 1-1-2014 With 10 wins to its name since launching in May -- 2 at the pro tour level via NetApp Endura's Czech National TT Champ Jan Barta and 8 earned by triathlete & 2013 Life Time Tri Series Champ Cam Dye -- our ground-breaking, fit-comes-first machine has had quite the rookie year. Not to mention the sea of glowing press it's garnered. The latest from RIDE Cycling Review's 6-page analysis:

 "In previous evaluations of the brand, RIDE has maintained that Fuji creates some of the best products on the cycling scene. The only reason I might hope that doesn't apply to the Norcom Straight is that I'm not keen on trying to beat opponents who are riding a bike that could improve their race times as much as this Fuji is likely to."

 To cap off a fantastic year, the Shimano Dura Ace 9000-equipped Norcom Straight 1.1 and the highly anticipated 11-speed Shimano Ultegra Di2-equipped Norcom Straight 1.3 have arrived!


  FUJI Sportif start below $600.00.   Above  top of the line in the sportiF series with shimano 105 and Avis Disc brakes. check with us for special pricing.

Free set-up and check-up at our shop.



FUJI NONCOM 1.1  available as a frameset of complete bike  special!

Norcom are now available the step in speed!

D-6 was ahead of its time and still ahead of many brands,  the remaining d-6 are going fast when there gone there gone, no worries the new 2015 Fuji Norcom takes us to new levels of performance order yours now.

Jim Woods  purchased his  Fuji  D-6,  photo with his Red Big block 454 Corvette, he must like speed!


This bikes has been replaced by the NorCom



Its called the "Norcom"  we thing it should be the "Razor blade"  looking from front to back.

fitcomesfirst.com    http://www.fujibikes.com/

Orders & Questions E-mail BicycleDoctor@att.net  

Available as a frameset and complete Bike

"Offered in various trim levels, Norcom Straights will retail from $2,229 to $7,499 for the top of the line 1.1 with Dura Ace 9000 Di2 and Ovalís 981 full carbon clincher. For complete specs on each model, check out fitcomesfirst.com.

First Impressions:

Smooth. That was honestly the first thing that popped in my head while riding a mostly stock Norcom Straight 1.1. Of course it was the highest end bike they will offer so it should be good, and it was. I found it very easy to adjust to find your comfortable spot on the seat, put your head down, and push. Even while in aero position the ride felt very stable and inspired confidence on the crowded streets of downtown Boulder. I honestly canít say much about the aerodynamics other than seat of the pants Ė it felt faster than any road bike, thatís for sure. The important thing to take away is that with minimal effort, a few allen wrenches, and probably not enough time I was able to dial in a Tri bike I had never seen or ridden before and feel comfortable.

   Taking orders now.  feel free to e-mail us for more information or visit www.Fujibike.com   for lots of information.   order from : Bicycledoctor@att.net


This Fuji Altamira Special Edition is the same 'pro-level' frameset that was designed to win Grand Tours.

  Unbelievably  comfortable for long miles with its long head tube, but light and responsive enough to climb like a Mountain Goat The first thing you'll notice is how smooth the ride is, with narrow seat stays and a slightly taller top tube to relieve shoulder pressure and soak up bumps. When it's time to launch , world class engineered monocoque D-6 carbon frame responds with beefy tubes that accelerate in a flash. Bottom line: whether climbing, descending, cornering, or hammering in the break away, this bike is a perfect marriage of lightness, stiffness, comfort and handling.


  • Frame: High modulous D-6 carbon w/ tapered head tube, oversized 34.9mm round seat tube, and oversized PIIS BB-86 shell

  • Fork: FC-330 carbon monocoque w/ tapered carbon steerer & carbon dropout

  • Headset: Oval Concepts 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" integrated w/ alloy top cover

  • Frame Weight: 3.1 lbs (53cm)

  • Sizes: SM, S/M, MD, M/L, LG, or XL  Choose either Team Geox or matte black.




  FUJI Sportif  Road Bike

Sportif   $400.00  from to $1400.00  

full ready to ride Road Bikes

Check them out at http://www.fujibikes.com/ 



FUJI  Nevada 29er

  check with us for shop discounts or offers we have during our special,  we have other models below and above in stock!!

Built with Fuji-designed Vera Terra rims and wrapped in Vera Eos 29" x 2.1" tires, the 1.5 is your ticket to rolling like a champ on 29-inch wheels.

  hydraulic lockout  shoxand 100mm of travel to leave you feeling fresher at the end of the ride.

Nevada  range in price from $339.90-$1099.90   check them all out http://www.fujibikes.com/   

Cash/Check Discount available  form www.BicycleDoctorUSA.com



 Fuji Touring


 check with us for shop discounts or cash discount!

Great bike bike for loaded travel gravel /tuff city streets and loaded touring.


A staple in our lineup, the Fuji Touring is one of the most respected bikes on the market for loaded travel . A bike handles differently when weighted with gear

 and needs to be designed for these extra stressors, which manifest themselves most when braking on long descents.

With custom-tapered Elios 1 steel tubing, 36-hole rims, bar-end shifting, and a triple crankset from FSA, the Fuji Touring has the muscle for the challenge.




**************Black on Black graphics  

All use the D6 High Compaction Molding Process , Tuff  as nails and Very Fast!


closeout  FUJI SST 1.) Frameset MSRP $2949.90  during sale while they last well Under $1500.00

Calls and get your sale price  save 100s and 100s!!





My Mom with her New FUJI ABSOLUTE 2.0 at her Florida home

Flat bar Bike, great for the road and trail very comfortable and smooth to ride  Absolute comes in five models, Range from $429.90 to $899.90 before discount!  Also comes in a Men's model below.


Emma Dodds with the Mens 4.0 Absolute price before discount $479.90

Check out the full line at www.FujiBicycles.com








Pass the Fun to our small ones,  Emma Dodds 8 years old with her new 24 Fuji.

 Absolute 24 Boys and Girls models available,  set-up ready to ride & Fuji Ace 20  

Same quality and safety you will find in the adult Fuji line.  Ideal for 5-11 year old on average. ***************************




 Fuji SST 1.0  back in the Day with emma

Emma as tall as Eric now



D-6's start under   while they last  The new Fuji Norcom now available

Eric setting a D-6 n, The D-6 gone thought you might want to see Eric in Action









Fuji Aloha Tri Bike:    (set-up ready to ride while they last)

special pricing during sale





 Contact us for current offerings on all Fuji bikes!








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  • *  Fuji Sl  complete bike with tubular wheels and tires just a little over 10LB   ,  with clinchers about 13lb +/-  will vary with size.




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