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  XX1 MNT. Group

Sram Now offers  WiFli   11-32  in RED  /  FORCE  /  Rival Road groups


Big over size cassette to tame any headwind  , molehill  or Mountain

No need for triples  2x 10  or 1x12 oversized WiFi cassette and Matching derailleur , shifts better, less cross over gears and much lighter!







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       Steve Hed & Steve Dodds


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Which groups right for you:   Sram / Shimano / Campagnlo

That's a hard one, if you want top of the line go SRAM RED,  Record or Dura-Ace.  Now which one, again that a hard one, both groups have there following.

Campagnolo:      Think of Campy groups like a fine Italian sports car, it will hold its value and has a lot of cool factor in this day most every thing comes from Asia.  Campy also has lots of Carbon and Ti, some think it has better looks.  We typically see 20 to 30 thousand miles on a Chorus group and 30 thousand + miles on Record without and major repairs.   A fine frameset should have no less than  Chorus in the Campy line up.  Campy parts are completely rebuild able. Campy use a ergo shifter/ brake levers, most agree down shifts are faster. Only top of the line shops carry Campy replacement parts and then very few, expect to wait for service a little longer when you do need parts after all it is Italian .


Shimano:  Dura-ace  , Ultegra & 105  groups have a strong  following, think  of them like a fine  Japanese car perhaps a Toyota or Honda.  Long lasting needs very little service till the end of its life. And when a guy named Armstrong uses Dura-ace who's to say it not a good group.  We typically see Dura-Ace groups last 20-25 thousand miles & Ultegra 10-15 miles & more.  Dura-ace shimano top of the line / ultegra  and 105 first of the real good stuff in shimano.  A fine frameset should have no less than Ultegra / 105  in the shimano line up.  A good up grade for ultegra, add Dura-ace derailleurs, to get the shifting performance that D/A offers with out the cost of a full D/A group.  Shimano parts are serviceable, in most case its a better value to replace the part not over o'haul.  Shimano use a STI brake shift lever.  Shimano replacement  parts are easy to get from most any shop. 2 year warranty* 105  group not a bad group, we call it the first of the good stuff in the shimano family.   105 group  will not last as long or shift  perfect Like  Dura-ace group and cousin Ultegra group, Try to stay in the D/A /  Ultegra   105 family if possible if you not using Sram.



Your pick: RED, Force, Rival .

Red equal or slightly better than D/A and Record Mechanical .  Sram has great  USA customer   support service right here in Indianapolis  Indiana in the Zipp factory  Yes Zipp and Sram are the same companty , very innovative in design along with its very light weight design.   If you do not do your home work and take a close look Sram it will be a mistake.   Proven to be very durable  in Mechanical and with E-Tap  no external  batteries wires switches to maintain a. Smoothest shifting on the market .Great factory support.

Sram etap  and sram etap axs

Best group we have ever used or sold in 50 plus years of shop owner ship and cycling    No wires  it true wireless and seamless install works perfect.

Its the group on my personal bike , I think that says a lot from a shop owner and a rider that rides 5000 plus miles a year


Mileage Expectation:

In our 40 + years of  experience here at our shop, you can expect roughly the following mileage on your Shimano & Campagnolo road groups before you need to start replacing primary parts.  High stress areas such as brake pads ( pads pick up metal shaving and should be replaced yearly or 2-3 thousand miles to reduce rim ware), Chain should be replaces every 2-3 thousand miles depending on conditions to save  Cassette & chain ring ware, headsets (if you don't own a chris king forever headset), shifter springs, cable, and bottom brackets will need to be replaced more frequently.  Other group parts will need  replacing less frequently.  Please use the numbers as a rough guides.  Our experienced bicycle mechanic or someone you can trust can evaluate your group parts much more accurately at tune up time.

Record Group ------------ 30,000 + miles  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

shimano Dura-Ace   ----- 30,000 + miles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Campagnolo Chorus--- 20,000 + miles >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>        

Shimano Ultegra sl ------- 25,000.00 + miles  >>>>>>>>>>             

Shimano 105  -------------15,000 + miles>>>>>>                     

Tiagra----------------------  3,500 + or - miles >>>>                                  

Sora-------------------------- 2,500 + or - miles >>>      


Sram groups

On a personal note I have Sram on my 29er.  1x 11 and Red  E-tap   AXS  on my Road bikes.   Looks like Sram Red Etap will be a easy 30,000 Plus mile group.  I'll keep you posted as the miles build for myself and other rides.  How many miles do you have on sram?

Like I said:   "I personally use Sram"  Many serious Riders use  RED and Force it the best I have ever used .













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*Wayne D. Stetina

Born, Dec. 4, 1953 Cleveland, Ohio. Member U.S. Olympic Teams 1972, 76, & 80. Ten times U.S. National Cycling Champion (1975 - 1993). Pan Am Gold Medal winner 1979. Nat. Prestige Classic Champion 1973-75-77-78. Over 200 career victories. Still competing 1965 to present ( Road & MTB). USCF Board of Directors 1979-1984. Presently National Sale Marketing Product Manager, Bicycle Components Division for Shimano American Corporation. Wayne now resides in Mission Viejo, CA.

Wayne Stetina and Steve Dodds  40 years after Bloomington Indiana.

I was working Little 500 when Wayne Stetina* was going to Indiana University and Racing here in Bloomington Indiana.  One of the greatest Little 500 rides to come out of Bloomington in the early 70's. 

Wayne now one of the top guys at Shimano USA now.


Interesting Fact: Wayne/shimano was one of the first to sponsor Lance Armstrong 

Its a hard pick Sram Red or Shimano D/A their both top of the line groups its nice to have a choice and competition makes them both better companies and groups for us to use.

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