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    Kestrel Carbon framesets & Complete bikes Fall  2017/  2018  specials  , request price sheet by e-mail !




Stop do not purchase

   Kestrel Bicycle till you get our  Unmatched service & Options only Bicycle Doctor USA offers.

Request a Price sheet for current price offerings.

Here just one of our most popular options most Dealers don't offer. we can install on any Kestrel !

Over sized Cassette  11-32 and 11-36, More teeth  on the cassette the easer it is to pedal!

Tame  any Hill or Headwind, pedal with ease.

E-mail anytime to arrange for a Kestrel to be sent to your Door.


Want to go even Faster  and log more miles on you new Kestrel! 

Zipp  wheels at a price no one else can offer .



Kestrel  Fall / Winter Sale!
Kestrel Talon Road

Look Fast,  you may not get to see one up close

when it goes blazing by on the road!

Amazing Quality and Value in a Full Carbon Aero frame

"Its almost like buying the frameset and getting the parts Free"

In-Stock      Talon price Starting at $1299.90

Feel free to request a price sheet and Option sheet:


 Oversized cassette option:    Pedal with ease in Headwinds and climbing Hills:   $49.90  12-30 cassette  / $79.90  11-32 cassette  / 11-36 cassette.



All sizes: 48-52-55-57-60: 

The Dual sport performance Road or TT Bike

Dura-ace Derailleur's  option:  on the drive train:  105 works great , Ultegra takes you to the level , D/A top of the line


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The Talon Blazing fast and comfortable out the Gate ,  The wheels in the package are great but you can add supper lightweight wheels  if want to go even faster / climb hills easier by reducing rational weight even more aero,  add a pair of high performance wheels request our discount wheel list,  feel free to call and talk to one of our wheel Tec's.


2017 Talon Ultegra

Summer special pricing



Last years  Kestrel  RT -1000

RT-1000 Quickly Has become one of Kestrel best selling bike.

 Made for those Long rides for riders that want a little more comfort without loosing  hardly any performance

  Little more up right ride due to the tall head tube,  sore back, neck, arms , shoulders and elbows pains melt a-way for many riders on this frame.

 still has high-end parts/ speed / comfort and Value unmatched in the bike world >

Last Years models $1599.90  while they last.

Above  Kestrel RT-1000  Dura-ace

Email us for a current price sheet with all the options:  

RT-1000  also available in a Flat bar



Potts wins Escape from Alcatraz on a Kestrel Legend!


Above  Last years Kestrel Legend Prices vary with group

Feel free to e-mail for price and option:  

 Last year Model while they last $1599.90 price and color will vary with Group

Available with 105 / ultegra 11 / ultegra 11 DI2 / Dura-ace 11 and Sram 22


2017  Kestrel Legend  Now comes with Dura-ace 9100

e-mail for Fall specials 2017 :

Emma  with Kestrel 4000 special  (Shop Dogs Shinny and Sparky)

Save 100's  during sale!!

  Displayed with optional Zipp wheels

Feel free to e-mail us For a full kestrel price sheet an options:

 many top name have rode  kestrel  and won  ,  Rider Andy Potts on a  Kestrel  above.

 Proved he's literally one of the best triathletes in the world. He fought his way into the Top-5 of triathlon's greatest test. He contributed to the best American performance in Kona in years: 2 Americans in the Top-5. He capped off a 4-win, 2-podium, never-outside-the-Top-5 season with  KESTREL Bikes.

 multiple PR's in his year's pinnacle race. And on the sport's biggest stage, he showed the Kestrel 4000 is one of the best bikes in the world.


Color groups and wheels will vary with Price:  Starting  $2000.00 and up to $7200.00

e-mail Us:   or call  812-825-5050 and talk to one of our master tec about a bike for you. 




 Kestrel SL legend:


The lightest Kestrel ever made.

 Now in Stock!

The Competition Model !

Potts wins Escape from Alcatraz on a legend !


Sizes 48-51-53-55-57-59-62   Last years $1599.90  while they last. e-mail for price list. price will vary with color & group







Sizes 48-51-53-55-57-59-62   prices start  well under $1949.90 during our early bird sale.

Color will vary with group and model!


e-mail lets talk about one for you.  E-mail

Oversized Cassette Option available on all models

Above you can see a 11-28 cassette  , next to it a 11-36 that's six gears easier on the climb!

Add a 11-30 and up to 11-36  Rear Cassette to any bike we sell, you will climb hills easily and tame headwinds with ease for only $49.90 / $79.90 Ultegra.

we also have a 11-32   and 11-36 option with ultegra cassette $79.90, requires long arm derailleur change.

Sram 10 speed  power chain option $39.00 with power link never break a chain at the connection. improved shifting and easy to remove and clean,



105 groups are great, but ultegra derailleur's will last longer and generally found on bikes $100's and $100's more, handles a little wider range cassettes , and its cools to see ultrega on your bike.  we offer this option on Talons , Legends , Rt-1000 and the 4000 .

  2014 Talon 48-52-55-57&60cm

Change the Gearing to climb any Hill with Ease!


Add Oversize 12-28  11-32 Rear Cassette to any bike we sell, you will climb hills easily for only $49.90 105 and $79.90 ultegra.





2016 Talon Tri

 Save 100's while they last.

  sizes 48-52-55-57-60

from 105 to Ultegra derailleur pair option $179.90

Wide range Cassette option 11-30 $49.90-79.90 installed


Dura-ace Derailleur's option $279.90

e-mail:   for current kestrel sale price list !!  to see more who using and winning on a Kestrel


 Kestrel 4000 Pro SL prices start under $2199.90 ready to ride!  price will vary with group/wheels

May Be the wrong words, but its true,  "This Bike kicking ASS in the tri world", How fast do you want to go,   the ride for that person that wants to Go all out!

Great riders need great bikes, order ASAP before you miss out on a early bird deals.





Home page       E-mail:       Phone: 812-825-5050


E-mail   Phone 812-825-5050












How to order

Shop with us great prices and after the sale service,  visit  factory web site to see all the current bikes, we offer at special pricing.



Home page       E-mail:       Phone: 812-825-5050      


How to order





   Customer comments


E-mail for special pricing on  Kestrel Carbon bikes.      

 Ride the Ferrari of carbon Bikes!




Special preseason price: E-mail us for pricing details!

Many are now saying the best Carbon road bike frameset in the world, we agree its got it all: Looks, Ride Comfort, Speed!    

Rock solid, Lifetime No-Fault Kestrel Factory Warranty.





How to order 



Customer comments




Visa    MC Ask about Cash discounts & one only specials!


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 Kestrel---Carbon one of the sweetest most powerful rides in the world.

Customer comments

Emma Dodds  @ her desk ready to give you Kestrel's  best price & service.

Emma Dodds  with a kestrel Talon

  Talon sizes  48-52-55-57&60cm

Add a 11-32 / 11-32 Rear Cassette to any bike we sell, you will climb hills easily for only $59.90-79.90 and up.


Click to enlarge

 Kestrel Talon/ talon SL Dual post:

Turn your Talon into a TT bike with this post 

 You can PURCHASE  a Carbon aero post now for $169.90






Kestrel has had a long racing history.


Past Kestrel team rider Chris has had Wins on the Talon, Talon Sl & the Airfoil Pro>

 Congratulations to KESTREL pro Chris McCormack, also known as Macca, for his win at the 2006 “Ford Ironman 70.3 Honu” in Kona! The race was held on Saturday, June 3rd. This is Macca’s second consecutive win on the Airfoil Pro and brings great hope for the World Championships coming up later this year.


"I won 10 events including 2 Ironman, 4 Half Ironman and  came runner up by 1 minute in the 2006 Ironman World Championships".All on a Kestrel! Macca










I won with a  Kestrel  !        












E-mail for a unbeatable price:





Airfoil Pro Carbon weave Pure aero frameset.  If you want to be the fastest human on the planet you need this aero master piece .

Check out the Kestrel airfoil Pro frameset and H3c wheels, Both Very fast.


Chris MacCormack does well in Australia on the Airfoil Pro.



Port Macquarie, Australia

Australia's Chris McCormack, or Macca as he’s affectionately known, re-wrote the triathlon history books at Ironman Australia in winning the race an amazing fifth consecutive time.  Macca is now an incredible 5 for 5 at Ironman Australia on a Kestrel!

This was the first time the race took place at the new site of Port Macquarie.  With a quick time of 8:20:42 McCormack has now set the bench mark for years to come.

Over 1,500 athletes entered the Hastings River to begin their road to Ironman and it immediately became clear we were about to witness an awesome race and an incredible day of racing.

The two lap swim was hotly disputed, with Australia's Shane Gibbs taking the 3.8km leg in 46:09. Andrew Johns was hot on his heels, while the favorite Chris McCormack and fellow Aussie Chris Legh were not many seconds behind.

Into the bike leg McCormack and Legh took the race to the front of the field, joined by New Caledonia's Patrick Vernay, a two time winner of Ironman Korea.

The trio drilled through the first two laps and, while the rest of the field struggled, swapped the lead and gradually pulled away. Eventually the pace became an issue for Chris Legh, who fell off the pace when McCormack threw in a major surge. Though Vernay continued to hang tough to the end of the bike, it was race favorite McCormack who came off the bike in first place before heading out for his marathon.

Jason Shortis replaced Legh as the chaser through the run as he surged into third while many others faded out of the top ten.

Chris McDonald, Shane Gibbs, and others dropped down the leader board as the runners in the field applied pressure, but nothing appeared to faze McCormack, who simply answered each challenge with attack and strode away from his pursuers with an awesome 2:47 marathon split.

Amongst the top 20, just four athletes ran under three hours on the hilly run course. Vernay stayed strong in second while Shortis kept the pressure on to hold third. A solid performance through the race paid dividends for Victoria's Craig McKenzie, the Victorian coming home in fourth from seasoned campaigner but Ironman rookie, England's Andrew Johns who captured fifth place.

"The more Ironman races I do the more patient I am.  I know that I can now win from different positions and I don't have to have ten minutes lead off the bike," said McCormack following his historic victory. "No one has given credit to my run and just like at Hawaii, I've had the days fastest run again.  I tried to work the hills on the course today and it paid off!"

The top ten men were separated by more than a forty minute gap as McCormack put together another masterpiece.  McCormack has now won an amazing 9 Ironman's since his Ironman début back in 2002 -- Where he won.  He’s also the only man on the planet to have gone under the 8 hour mark twice both on a Kestrel (2004 and 2005) since 1999

Visa    MC Ask about Cash discount & one only specials.


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 Kestrel---Carbon one of the sweetest most powerful rides in the world

 Frame sets or complete ready to ride bicycles


(Emma Grace Dodds 8 month 2004)

Kestrel the ride as smooth as a babies bottom!! 






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 Kestrel---Carbon one of the sweetest most powerful rides in the world

 Frame sets or complete ready to ride bicycles. :-)



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How to order 



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