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Simply Put Giro Helmets are the most technologically advanced Helmets in the world.

Goro helmets are light , 15% cooler with Massive vents & Tough.

Nothing inexpensive about a Good helmet but my heads worth the extra protection how about yours?  Top of the line protection, Good looks, lower head Temperature & fast and aero, every thing you want in a top of the line helmet.  



Order your helmet with your bike or group & get a 10-20% discount!


You've seen Lance use Giro Helmets also Discovery channel Team, Rabobank Team & many other's Now you can, look good & protect your head & stay Cool at the same time.


We call this Lance Helmet!


Models Road:

Giro Ionos:          MSRP $225.00, before Discount, E-mail for  current specials.

Colors:  White/silver, Black Carbon, Crystal Blue/white, Red/black

Its hard to beat a white/silver helmet its cooler in the sun & high visibility Day & night.

How to order 


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Giro Atomos:         MSRP $175.00 before Discount, E-mail for current specials.

Colors: White/silver, red/black, re/blue Black/pewter, Matte Titanium, pink white


Giro Stylus:             MSRP $84.00 before Discount, email for current specials.

colors: silver/white, blue/silver, Titanium/ice blue. black/titanium, red/titanium


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Advantage 2: MSRP $150.00, Before Discount, E-mail for current specials. TT & Tri,  wear it when every Seconds counts!

Colors: silver/white, blue/black, Matt titanium. black/charcoal, red/white


The Complete Giro Helment Price list 2008


Up to 20% off spring two week sale any MSRP Giro Helmet Over $84.00

E-mail for details. to see and learn more


Race: Advantage 2 MSRP $150.00


Ionos MSRP $225.00: before Discount!

Atomos MSRP $150.00: before Discount!

Pneumo MSRP $145.00: before Discount!

Monza MSRP $105.00: Before Discount!

Stylus MSRP $84.00 Before Discount!


Remedy CF MSRP $270.00: Before Discount!

Xen MSRP $130.00

E2 MSRP $130.00

Remedy MSRP $120.00

Animas MSRP $105.00

Hex MSRP $84.00

Havoc  MSRP $64.00

Flak MSRP $35.00


Rift MSRP $54.00

Indicator MSRP $38.00

Atlas II MSRP $38.00

Skyla MSRP $38.00

Transfur MSRP $38.00


Flume $38.00

Rodeo Values pack $35.00

Rodeo $30.00

Me2 $30.00




To learn more & see the complete Giro Line Visit come back to us for that special price!



One shell size can't fit every one, 3 to pick from for that perfect fit!

Super Fit:

S (20"-21.75" / 51-55cm)

M (21.75"-23.25" / 55-59cm)

L (23.25" - 24.75" / 59-63cm)


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